Just us girls

Shawn is in Saudi Arabia for work for a few days, so Clare and I have been left to our own devices ūüôā ¬† Last night she went to bed early and I watched the Chiefs game – well at least the first half, then I fell asleep. ¬†Thanks April for making my viewing possible!

Waking up this morning to see that we had lost was not a great start to the day. ¬†Luckily I was able to see Denver lose. ¬†Sorry Peyton – we’re all rooting against you!

Today we took the Metro to yet another mall (maybe I should rename this blog Suzie Does Malls in Dubai?). ¬†Today’s mall was Ibn Battuta Mall. ¬†It is the largest theme mall in the world. ¬†LOL isn’t everything here the world’s biggest/fastest/etc.? ¬†Here is a wiki article with lots of cool pics, every section of the mall has a different theme – Egypt, India, China, etc. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibn_Battuta_Mall

It was pretty cool! ¬†Here is my pic –


I also finally got my iphone hooked up to service here.  So now when Clare and I are out and about I have a phone for emergencies.

Any friends or family with an apple product who can iMessage my email is suziebozarth@yahoo.com.  Anyone with Skype my username is suziefoley.

Okay, off to read “The Pokey Little Puppy” for the 5th time today.

Pool Day!

We spent all day (12-6) at the Jebal Ali Athletic Club.   It had a bigImage pool with a diving board and a slide, as well as a baby pool Clare could play in by herself.   One of my good friends in KC, Misty (hi!  Miss you!) has a sister who lives in Dubai РAshley.  She and her man Brandon invited us out today.  We discussed the beach but were afraid the recent storms would have left the beach yucky, so decided on the pool.  image

This place was awesome! ¬†We are even discussing getting memberships. ¬†Waiters bring drinks to your lounge chairs, the food was great, and nothing was overpriced! ¬† Can you tell I’m still on a high from the day? ¬†I’m slightly pink from the sun and feel refreshed. ¬†Clare went to bed at 6:45 she was so worn out! ¬†Here’a hoping she sleeps all night! ¬†ImageNow ImageImageImagewe are ordering a pizza and about to watch a movie. ¬†Happy Friday US!


Dubai metro

Oh what an experience! ¬†Clare and I ventured onto the metro yesterday. ¬†I had no idea how to do it…it was kind of intimidating. ¬†There were so many people hustling about at the Internet City metro stop! ¬†I found a self ticketing machine, couldn’t figure out how to make it accept my credit card – luckily had just enough cash to cover the fares- and purchased us 2 all day passes. ¬†They were only AED 14 (about ¬†$3.50) a piece, but in the future it will be less because I just read that children under 5 Ride free. ¬†D’oh!

Our destination was Mall of the Emirates. ¬†We’d already experienced Dubai Mall – this mall was the obvious next choice! ¬†It has a HUGE (for Dubai) grocery store – Carrefour, a children’s play zone with rides (total blast!), tons of restaurants and stores obvi, and Ski Dubai. ¬†Clare and I stood there watching the skiers, tubers and other winter sports enthusiasts that I’m not sure what that we’re doing for a long time. ¬†It was mesmerizing! ¬†I forgot to take my camera or phone so here is a stock photo from dubai guide:


We still haven’t heard definitively if we got the apartment or not. ¬†Our shipping container of belongings isn’t set to arrive in Dubai until 12/20, so either way we will be in this hotel for awhile. ¬†Well it’s Friday morning here (start of the weekend) so we are off to do more exploring. ¬† Have a great weekend everyone!

We have fallen in love

And no, we have not found a sister wife to share our lives, we found an apartment we love!!!  Unfortunately it may not work our for about a thousand different reasons, but everyone please cross your fingers that it miraculously does!   Here is a picture from the balcony:

ImageIt may not seem overly impressive, but that hotel off in the distance on the Arabian Sea is Atlantis, which has fireworks all of the time. ¬†The courtyard below has lots of green space which is hard to come by in Dubai. ¬† There were lots of children playing all over the place, Clare loved it! ¬†There is a nursery in the building (what we would call a preschool, for ages 2-6 I think), so I could walk her there! ¬†There is a Starbucks in the courtyard, as well as a market and several restaurants. ¬† It’s a 2 bedroom 2 bath, and best of all comes with all of the kitchen appliances and a tv! ¬†Rare here, most places don’t even have an oven.

This apartment is in Jumeirah Beach Residence. ¬†That’s right, it’s on the beach! ¬†As in we would walk to the beach!!! ¬†Google and read the wiki description if you are interested ūüôā

If this apartment falls through I think we are pretty dead set on either JBR or an area called The Greens. ¬†So we’ve already eliminated 98% of the apartments in Dubai! ¬† I will keep you all updated.

Oh and Clare slept 7:30pm-8:30am in her crib.  I slept most of that time as well.   Ahhhh.  Feels so good to be finally over jet lag!  Hope you are all having a fantastic week!

Rainforest Cafe: NOT for toddlers

We missed the walk yesterday due to Shawn waking up with a cough/cold, but luckily he was slightly better today so we were able to leave the hotel yay!

Today we went to Dubai Mall, I did some shopping while Shawn and Clare checked out the aquarium.  We also ate at Rainforest Cafe, which inspired Shawn to write down a few words:

The rainforest cafe is NOT for young children. There is constant disruption, pretend apocalyptic events and spiritual happenings, animals that are statues all of a sudden, without warning, come alive …and the most terrifying froggie mascot with a huge mouth and huge red eyes.

What the flip are they thinking?

Suzie and I were like …rainforest cafe, that place is fun! Clare will love it. Not hardly. It is a ridiculously scary place for a two year old. By the screams of several toddlers …..I think this is the place two year olds come to die.¬†Thunderstorms, jungle Indian music …

….thanks rainforest cafe. Thanks for scaring the dubizzle out of my two year old.


Eyebrow threading

Has anyone else had this done?  Am I just a wuss or was this one of the more painful moments of your life?  I had asked for an eyebrow wax but they ended up threading my brows, which took much longer and was exponentially more painful.  Looks good and was cheap though!

Clare slept last night 1am-11am in her crib (3pm-1am KC time) so we are finally making progress on the jet lag. ¬†Tonight’s bed time is midnight.

Shawn is almost done with his first week of work (Sun-Thurs is the work week here). ¬†Tomorrow we are headed to Abu Dahbi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abu_Dhabi) to do a charity walk for Diabetes. ¬†Hoping to meet some of Shawn’s coworkers and families…I need friends!


Apartment search is on!

We were taken around today to look at different areas and a couple different apartments/villas. ¬†It was actually very stressful so I’m not gonna get into it now but will post pics of places we are interested in next week when we start the search in earnest. ¬†The worst part of today was Clare projectile vomiting all over this nice lady’s car and car seat! ¬†It was only the second time in her life she has thrown up so I’m guessing it was from the fast driving over multiple speed bumps? ¬†Oh it was disgusting. ¬†I’m just glad she doesn’t seem ill. ¬†Instantly I was agraid of a GI bug and really happy about my expensive zofran in my purse!

This evening we went to the pool, mostly hanging in the hot tub. ¬†It was very restful which is what we all needed. ¬†The first pic is of the view then my two favorite people enjoying themselves ūüôā