We’ve arrived!

We landed in Dubai 30 hours ago.  The first two hours were spent at the airport, navigating customs, baggage claim, and awaiting our driver.  What a whirlwind!!!!  I think the last few weeks at home were so hectic that I focused too much on closing up our house and US lives – I spent no time mentally preparing myself for living in the Middle East.  The first call to prayer we heard was surreal…Clare danced around (we were standing in line at customs) while I tried to reflect on this new life.

The hotel we are staying at is very nice.  It’s a 2 bedroom apt.  Best part is a comfortable porta crib – Clare is sleeping well here.  Here is our jet-lagged baby in her room after waking up from a 9 hour ‘nap’ at 3pm.   I have a feeling tonight might be a long one.


Last night we ate  at the Italian restaurant on site.  It was good and surprisingly inexpensive.  We sat on the patio, surrounded by Palm trees, a water fountain, a starry sky (it was 11pm) and enjoyed the upper 70s temperatures.

Today Clare and I slept while Shawn ventured out to a couple different markets.   When we awoke this afternoon he made us a delicious breakfast of eggs and bacon. Here is my favorite item: image

This evening we are going to venture to the swimming pool.  Shawn starts work tomorrow so it will be just us girls hanging out.

I will leave you with the view out our hotel window – I guess the construction around here really is never ending!


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