Ups and downs

Upside:  bought zofran over the counter today.

Downside: cost AED 277 (like maybe $60 for 10 4mg tablets? Whoops!)

Upside: Clare and I slept until 3:30pm today. Ahhhh

Downside: She is clearly still jet lagged and will be up all night.   Hmmm

Upside: Enjoyed the gorgeous view at the pool today!  I will take pics next time.  Clare loved swimming and jumping off the ledge.

Downside: It was so deep!  I was on the tips of my toes to keep us above water.  My calves hurt!

Upside: NFL games start soon and I think I will win my fantasy matchup this week.

Downside: Even though we have about 10 sports channels here I’m worried none of them will show NFL.  Maybe I will catch a camel race?

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