Clare again last night slept from 4am-3pm.   This cannot continue!  I had an alarm set for 11am on the iPad but I accidentally had it turned down.

I’ve now turned up the volume super loud and have tomorrow’s alarm set for 10am.  Come hell or high water she is getting up ‘early’ tomorrow!

Now I must go iron Shawn’s shirts.  He requested this over email with the helpful suggestion of ‘you should YouTube how to iron’.  I’m mildly offended!  Now to decide what to tell him to YouTube?

4 thoughts on “Jet-lagged

  1. I am loving your blog-please keep it up all 2 years! Good luck on getting Clare adjusted-I cant even imagine…..I do iron John’s shirts BUT he gets them how I iron and with no suggestions. I do it only because I cringe thinking what he would look like if I left that all up to him!

  2. I think you should tell him how to youtube “hotel sendout”. Surely the hotel has a laundry send out that irons 🙂 Loving the blog! Sorry about Clare’s sleeping–I thought DST was bad and that’s only an hour!

  3. I am confident that you will figure out what to do about the actual task at hand – I am still laughing about the email to watch a video on “how to”!!! That is one of the funniest things I ever heard and sooo Shawn. I am probably one of the last true “Iron-ers” who does still iron and doesn’t mind it – If you are interested, I can share my mother’s direction on how to properly iron a shirt. Not that you really care if you get it right (and I don’t blame you).

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