Mini adventures

So while Shawn has been working this week Clare and I have slowly been exploring the area.  But not far because A. I’m not sure they will let me take and leave her car seat on the hotel shuttle and so far I’ve been too lazy to find out and B. I’m so tired.


Our main outing has been to the local tiny market.  It has tons and tons of items scrunched into a teeny tiny store.  Obviously our massive stroller doesn’t fit in the store so I leave it outside. So far no one has stolen it…crime here is supposedly very low so hoping I’ll be ok.

One kind of odd kind of nice thing that seems the custom here is that people reach out and touch your toddler.  Like not a bad touch, just saying “goochie goochie helllooooo babbbiiieee” in a gentle Indian accent.  I swear everyone adores kids here, Clare gets attention from everyone.

Meanwhile Clare is a wild animal at the hotel still.  Image

3 thoughts on “Mini adventures

  1. Maybe the shuttle will just drive you all around and you can see the town from it! Sounds less scarey to me…..I am not sure I would be a good explorer

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