Apartment search is on!

We were taken around today to look at different areas and a couple different apartments/villas.  It was actually very stressful so I’m not gonna get into it now but will post pics of places we are interested in next week when we start the search in earnest.  The worst part of today was Clare projectile vomiting all over this nice lady’s car and car seat!  It was only the second time in her life she has thrown up so I’m guessing it was from the fast driving over multiple speed bumps?  Oh it was disgusting.  I’m just glad she doesn’t seem ill.  Instantly I was agraid of a GI bug and really happy about my expensive zofran in my purse!

This evening we went to the pool, mostly hanging in the hot tub.  It was very restful which is what we all needed.  The first pic is of the view then my two favorite people enjoying themselves 🙂


4 thoughts on “Apartment search is on!

  1. John and I were just talking tonight wondering if you had started – so sorry about Clare – looking forward to seeing what you find. This a great picture but would be better if you were in it too!

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