Eyebrow threading

Has anyone else had this done?  Am I just a wuss or was this one of the more painful moments of your life?  I had asked for an eyebrow wax but they ended up threading my brows, which took much longer and was exponentially more painful.  Looks good and was cheap though!

Clare slept last night 1am-11am in her crib (3pm-1am KC time) so we are finally making progress on the jet lag.  Tonight’s bed time is midnight.

Shawn is almost done with his first week of work (Sun-Thurs is the work week here).  Tomorrow we are headed to Abu Dahbi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abu_Dhabi) to do a charity walk for Diabetes.  Hoping to meet some of Shawn’s coworkers and families…I need friends!


7 thoughts on “Eyebrow threading

  1. I have heard that the pain of threading is much worse than the pain of waxing. I am a regular eyebrow waxer, and it hurts the first time, then gets better. I don’t believe I will be having the pleasure of having my skin ripped off one eyebrow thread at a time 🙂

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