Rainforest Cafe: NOT for toddlers

We missed the walk yesterday due to Shawn waking up with a cough/cold, but luckily he was slightly better today so we were able to leave the hotel yay!

Today we went to Dubai Mall, I did some shopping while Shawn and Clare checked out the aquarium.  We also ate at Rainforest Cafe, which inspired Shawn to write down a few words:

The rainforest cafe is NOT for young children. There is constant disruption, pretend apocalyptic events and spiritual happenings, animals that are statues all of a sudden, without warning, come alive …and the most terrifying froggie mascot with a huge mouth and huge red eyes.

What the flip are they thinking?

Suzie and I were like …rainforest cafe, that place is fun! Clare will love it. Not hardly. It is a ridiculously scary place for a two year old. By the screams of several toddlers …..I think this is the place two year olds come to die. Thunderstorms, jungle Indian music …

….thanks rainforest cafe. Thanks for scaring the dubizzle out of my two year old.


5 thoughts on “Rainforest Cafe: NOT for toddlers

  1. I have a friend who had the exact same experience with her (at that stage pre-verbal) toddler- it gave him nightmares for days. I hope Clare forgets it all soon!

  2. Been there (fortunately without kids) – didn’t like it either – really kind of creepy and uncomfortable. Hoping your next outing is better!

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