We have fallen in love

And no, we have not found a sister wife to share our lives, we found an apartment we love!!!  Unfortunately it may not work our for about a thousand different reasons, but everyone please cross your fingers that it miraculously does!   Here is a picture from the balcony:

ImageIt may not seem overly impressive, but that hotel off in the distance on the Arabian Sea is Atlantis, which has fireworks all of the time.  The courtyard below has lots of green space which is hard to come by in Dubai.   There were lots of children playing all over the place, Clare loved it!  There is a nursery in the building (what we would call a preschool, for ages 2-6 I think), so I could walk her there!  There is a Starbucks in the courtyard, as well as a market and several restaurants.   It’s a 2 bedroom 2 bath, and best of all comes with all of the kitchen appliances and a tv!  Rare here, most places don’t even have an oven.

This apartment is in Jumeirah Beach Residence.  That’s right, it’s on the beach!  As in we would walk to the beach!!!  Google and read the wiki description if you are interested 🙂

If this apartment falls through I think we are pretty dead set on either JBR or an area called The Greens.  So we’ve already eliminated 98% of the apartments in Dubai!   I will keep you all updated.

Oh and Clare slept 7:30pm-8:30am in her crib.  I slept most of that time as well.   Ahhhh.  Feels so good to be finally over jet lag!  Hope you are all having a fantastic week!

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