Dubai metro

Oh what an experience!  Clare and I ventured onto the metro yesterday.  I had no idea how to do it…it was kind of intimidating.  There were so many people hustling about at the Internet City metro stop!  I found a self ticketing machine, couldn’t figure out how to make it accept my credit card – luckily had just enough cash to cover the fares- and purchased us 2 all day passes.  They were only AED 14 (about  $3.50) a piece, but in the future it will be less because I just read that children under 5 Ride free.  D’oh!

Our destination was Mall of the Emirates.  We’d already experienced Dubai Mall – this mall was the obvious next choice!  It has a HUGE (for Dubai) grocery store – Carrefour, a children’s play zone with rides (total blast!), tons of restaurants and stores obvi, and Ski Dubai.  Clare and I stood there watching the skiers, tubers and other winter sports enthusiasts that I’m not sure what that we’re doing for a long time.  It was mesmerizing!  I forgot to take my camera or phone so here is a stock photo from dubai guide:


We still haven’t heard definitively if we got the apartment or not.  Our shipping container of belongings isn’t set to arrive in Dubai until 12/20, so either way we will be in this hotel for awhile.  Well it’s Friday morning here (start of the weekend) so we are off to do more exploring.   Have a great weekend everyone!

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