Just us girls

Shawn is in Saudi Arabia for work for a few days, so Clare and I have been left to our own devices 🙂   Last night she went to bed early and I watched the Chiefs game – well at least the first half, then I fell asleep.  Thanks April for making my viewing possible!

Waking up this morning to see that we had lost was not a great start to the day.  Luckily I was able to see Denver lose.  Sorry Peyton – we’re all rooting against you!

Today we took the Metro to yet another mall (maybe I should rename this blog Suzie Does Malls in Dubai?).  Today’s mall was Ibn Battuta Mall.  It is the largest theme mall in the world.  LOL isn’t everything here the world’s biggest/fastest/etc.?  Here is a wiki article with lots of cool pics, every section of the mall has a different theme – Egypt, India, China, etc. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibn_Battuta_Mall

It was pretty cool!  Here is my pic –


I also finally got my iphone hooked up to service here.  So now when Clare and I are out and about I have a phone for emergencies.

Any friends or family with an apple product who can iMessage my email is suziebozarth@yahoo.com.  Anyone with Skype my username is suziefoley.

Okay, off to read “The Pokey Little Puppy” for the 5th time today.

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