Christmas 2013

Xmas tree in lobby
Xmas tree in lobby
Self portrait by Clare
Self portrait by Clare

We had a great Christmas!  On Christmas Eve we moved into a different hotel apartment (to a 1 bedroom – boo!).  That evening Shawn and I had Indian food delivered and watched movies.  Christmas morning with a two year old was SO MUCH FUN!  Clare loved all of her presents – a ball pit, bubble machine, golf set, clothes, more balls, and the highlight – a keyboard.   We ate at the hotel for Christmas brunch later in the day.  Very, very delicious.  And thank you ipad for entertaining Clare while Daddy and I enjoyed the unlimited adult beverages. 😊

We have so much to be thankful for – especially our families. Thank you Skype for allowing us to check in with so many of you!


It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, yay!  That’s all anyone is talking about, it’s big news! Meanwhile Kansas City is getting 8 inches of snow today.  I’m so jealous!!!  Please post pictures on facebook for all of us to enjoy.

We had a great day yesterday at Dubai Creek Park.  It’s right on the water, with cool breezes.  There were about 5 different playgrounds with different equipment, carnival games, rides, big bouncy houses, inflatable slides, a dolphinarium, a bird house, and a Childrens City which housed a planetarium and a massive sandbox for the kids.  

Yesterday Clare also got her 3rd rabies shot. I’m sure you all read about it on facebook, basically on her birthday she got bit by a wild cat at Jumeirah Beach Park.  The bite is completely healed now, antibiotics are done, now just have to get those last 2 shots.  We saw the cutest wild cat at the park yesterday – we stayed far away from it!

We are still waiting for our shipping container to arrive.  So we are still living in a hotel – which is getting really old.  What’s worse is our 2 bedroom hotel apartment we’ve been in is booked to someone else as of Christmas Day, so we then have to move to a 1 bedroom apartment here.  Anyone who has shared a room with their 2 year old knows how exciting this news is.  NOT.  We’re hoping that is just a very temporary move until our furniture arrives.

Everyone please keep Shawn in your thoughts.  He is working insane hours and is really stressed out.  He has taken some days off for Christmas so I am hoping that will give him plenty of time to catch up on rest.

Oh and on my career front – starting ths semester I will be teaching more sessions of Medical Terminology for Johnson County Community College online.  I will teach 3 five week sessions a semester plus a summer session. 

Have a great Sunday everyone.  GO CHIEFS!!!!!!

Picture dump

As requested, here are some more pics of our new apartment…but remember this is the owner’s furniture, all we are keeping of hers is kitchen appliances and tv.   Our furniture is set to arrive on 12/20 (cannot wait to have the rest of my clothes, living out of a suitcase for months is getting old).


Thursday night we went to Safa Park, which felt like Hyde Park in London (and probably Centeral Park but I’ve never been there).  It was gorgeous landscaping, lots of play areas, lakes, birds, etc surrounded by gorgeous buildings:


And I will leave you with the cutest diaper ever:


We got it!

We’ve just recently found out that we got into the apartment we found!  Woohoo!!!  We should be moving in sometime late Dec or early Jan, whenever our furniture arrives from the US.

What are we most excited about?  Here is the pool in our building:


It’s gorgeous.  Stunning!  There is also a playground for Clare, we can walk to the beach (have to throw that in every chance I get), multiple cafes, restaurants, hotels (with bars ;-)), grocery store, salons, gyms, and shops all up and down “The Walk” that we will be situated on.

Meanwhile life is good at The Grand Millenium.  Shawn is working too hard (poor guy), Clare and I go swimming almost every day (she can doggy paddle wearing a special foam insert swimming suit), I order sushi delivered way too often, and we constantly bemoan the lack of good television channels.