We got it!

We’ve just recently found out that we got into the apartment we found!  Woohoo!!!  We should be moving in sometime late Dec or early Jan, whenever our furniture arrives from the US.

What are we most excited about?  Here is the pool in our building:


It’s gorgeous.  Stunning!  There is also a playground for Clare, we can walk to the beach (have to throw that in every chance I get), multiple cafes, restaurants, hotels (with bars ;-)), grocery store, salons, gyms, and shops all up and down “The Walk” that we will be situated on.

Meanwhile life is good at The Grand Millenium.  Shawn is working too hard (poor guy), Clare and I go swimming almost every day (she can doggy paddle wearing a special foam insert swimming suit), I order sushi delivered way too often, and we constantly bemoan the lack of good television channels.

6 thoughts on “We got it!

  1. I think the Good far outweigh the Bad…..so happy you got your apartment choice. How does swimming outside in December feel?

  2. Happy for you that you got the apartment. Bad TV is a small price to pay for all of the outdoor activities year-round. I would love that.

  3. YAY! So excited you got the one you wanted. It sounds like heaven to me. Since your TV sucks, can you still watch shows online? That would be my saving grace!

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