For posterity

I never want to forget the ridiculousness of today.

At 4:30am, after 5 hours sleep, I was stumbling to the bathroom and slipped, landing in a puddle of water. Half asleep I trudged through the apartment, noticing some areas have 2 inches of water. About 75% of the apartment is a river. I find the source in the powder room by our front door. The sprayer hose (every bathroom has one here next to the toilet) had sprung a leak and water was GUSHING! I turned the water off, then spent the next two hours mopping up water into the drains in the bathrooms and balcony. All of this I am doing in my birthday suit as I never took a minute to get dressed (and that’s how I sleep ;-). Seriously. Naked water damage control. I think this is what Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza would call “bad naked”.

The only for sure casualties are our Xbox, a couple kids books, and possibly a few CDs. The furniture has dried out nicely (only the bottoms got wet), and thankfully the rest of the expensive electronics were on dry land.

The day got better after that, park and then pool. However now it’s 7:30pm and I’m off to bed. What a day!

Last week Shawn was lucky enough to get to see the pyramids in Egypt! The unlucky part was that he was busy working. This week he is back in Doha for work (left today and gone until early Friday morning). Ugh I’m so sick of him being gone! On the agenda for the girls this week: parks, working online, parks, Netflix PBS kids shows, and more parks. Oh and Starbucks – I’m totally addicted to my daily light vanilla latte. Mmmmm

First haircut!

Clare did not like her first haircut! She cried for 80% of it. I’m so glad we did it though…her hair is so much easier to comb now! Plus the short cut accentuates her chubby cheeks (wish those were as cute on a 32 year old as they are on a 2 year old).





Language barrier fail

Our washing machine is broken. We’ve ordered a new drain hose from the UK and are waiting. In the meantime I know lots of people get their laundry sent out here, so I called a local place. Within 15 minutes they were at my door. Great service! I had two of Shawn’s suits on hangers to be dry cleaned, and three trash bags full of clothes to be washed and dried. I felt quite accomplished!

Two days later they deliver it back to my door. Again what service!!! I notice all of the clothes are on hangers, even tshirts, sweatpants, undershirts. So like a hundred items on hangers. 2 small bags contained folded underwear, socks, dish towels and pillowcases.

As I was putting the laundry away I noticed every single item has a small tag hooked to it using those annoying plastic tabs (like that hold price tags on). It seems they dry cleaned EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. My dish towels were dry cleaned. My baby’s socks were dry cleaned. My old, unattractive underwear were dry cleaned (as were my newer, attractive underwear. LOL).

We still don’t have the hose for our washer yet and laundry is piling up. I’ve thought about hand washing some items and hanging them to dry on the balcony? I think I’m too scared to try sending it out again.

Dubai Marina

Clare and I had a great day today – the best part of which was exploring the marina.
We live in Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), which is one of the housing developments within Dubai Marina.
Here is a good article (wiki again, I’m an addict)
I pushed her in her stroller while walking (and a bit of running) along the waterway for an hour. Right when we were finishing up we can across a great little playground! So win, win. Here are a few pics I snapped today:




The dark side

Lest you think it is all fun and games here…I just went into the kitchen to make Clare and I breakfast and saw a cockroach the size of my thumb. I am freaking out!!!! Started calling every exterminator on the internet until someone answered at 7am. Luckily I found one who is coming out at 9. She started going into details with pricing and guarantees and I loudly said, “I will give you my child if you get rid of these cockroaches just please do it quickly”.


Last week we all travelled to Doha, Qatar. Shawn worked insane hours while we were there – so Clare and I were left to our own devices.

This may be completely wrong, my interactions were limited to the airport, taxis, hotel and a mall, but it seems so much more foreign there. More of a language barrier, less Western, more stares from men. Red hair and very pale skin made Clare and I practically a side show. Thus we mostly watched movies in the hotel. Plus I had lots of down time to work on my class – I start teaching again (online) this Monday!

Once we are unpacked (ummmmm maybe by March? Lol) I will take some apartment photos.

Dubai Museum

Last weekend we traveled down to Dubai Creek. We checked out the spice and gold souks (like on Sex and the City 2 – sorry Amy – no sight of Aiden). I thought they were extremely stressful. The shopkeepers would run after me, throwing a scarf on my shoulder yelling, “pashmina miss! Good price!”. I actually really liked one, asked the price, which he replied was 150 durhams (about $38). I thought that was high and said I’d ask my husband and walked off. He followed me for about a block trying to talk me into it. I almost started crying!! When I caught up with Shawn I asked him why he had left me. He said, “I wanted to see how you’d do.” We both busted out laughing. Clearly a big fat fail!

While Clare napped that day we strolled around the Dubai Museum. It was basically a history of Dubai. I thought it wouldn’t be that great but it was actually interesting. The coolest thing I saw was an exhibit showing pearl diving. This was one of the major jobs of people here back in the 1800s- about 1950. The divers wore a nose clip and dove straight down into the ocean holding a brick to sink quickly. They stayed down for up to 3 minutes at a time and came back up with pearls. How did they not breathe for that long?

Best part of the museum was Clare napped for an hour.

We also enjoyed lunch at an Arabian Tea Room. Omg the scones with jam and clotted cream were insane!!!!!