Language barrier fail

Our washing machine is broken. We’ve ordered a new drain hose from the UK and are waiting. In the meantime I know lots of people get their laundry sent out here, so I called a local place. Within 15 minutes they were at my door. Great service! I had two of Shawn’s suits on hangers to be dry cleaned, and three trash bags full of clothes to be washed and dried. I felt quite accomplished!

Two days later they deliver it back to my door. Again what service!!! I notice all of the clothes are on hangers, even tshirts, sweatpants, undershirts. So like a hundred items on hangers. 2 small bags contained folded underwear, socks, dish towels and pillowcases.

As I was putting the laundry away I noticed every single item has a small tag hooked to it using those annoying plastic tabs (like that hold price tags on). It seems they dry cleaned EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. My dish towels were dry cleaned. My baby’s socks were dry cleaned. My old, unattractive underwear were dry cleaned (as were my newer, attractive underwear. LOL).

We still don’t have the hose for our washer yet and laundry is piling up. I’ve thought about hand washing some items and hanging them to dry on the balcony? I think I’m too scared to try sending it out again.

3 thoughts on “Language barrier fail

  1. I can’t imagine having everything dry cleaned, that’s hilarious. I would definitely hand wash the small items and hang them to dry or does your dryer still work? One time many years ago my dryer was broke and I hung clothesline in our bedroom and had the clothes hanging all over the room. It does however take longer to dry indoors.

    1. So I’ve hand washed some small items. The laundry was piling up so much that I bit the bullet and sent my laundry out again. Fingers crossed that it comes out right this time!!!

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