For posterity

I never want to forget the ridiculousness of today.

At 4:30am, after 5 hours sleep, I was stumbling to the bathroom and slipped, landing in a puddle of water. Half asleep I trudged through the apartment, noticing some areas have 2 inches of water. About 75% of the apartment is a river. I find the source in the powder room by our front door. The sprayer hose (every bathroom has one here next to the toilet) had sprung a leak and water was GUSHING! I turned the water off, then spent the next two hours mopping up water into the drains in the bathrooms and balcony. All of this I am doing in my birthday suit as I never took a minute to get dressed (and that’s how I sleep ;-). Seriously. Naked water damage control. I think this is what Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza would call “bad naked”.

The only for sure casualties are our Xbox, a couple kids books, and possibly a few CDs. The furniture has dried out nicely (only the bottoms got wet), and thankfully the rest of the expensive electronics were on dry land.

The day got better after that, park and then pool. However now it’s 7:30pm and I’m off to bed. What a day!

3 thoughts on “For posterity

  1. What a horrible way to wake up and even worse to have to deal with it by yourself. We had that happen in our basement only once and it is a nightmare. Sorry you had to go through that.

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