As a stay at home mom I feel a lot of pressure. The pressure to do productive things with my child, to teach her letters, numbers, colors at a young age, to have her potty trained young, etc., etc., etc. To do Pinterest inspired crafts, have the baby book up to date, make nutritious meals, and make sure we get plenty of exercise.

Well certain things I just suck at. The baby book for instance. I’ve filled out like 2 pages, shoved some momentos (hospital bracelets, locks of hair) into it and that’s it. And at this point I know it’s not going to get filled out. I’m fine with it, Shawn is not. The way I see it there’s nothing stopping him from filling it out! I do however take tons of pictures and videos, both of which I’m very good at organizing and backing up. Really won’t she be more interested in those than in the baby book in the future?

Potty training hasn’t happened too much at all yet. I’m a believer in not forcing it until they are ready. Just this week she is letting me sit her on the potty for a few minutes again (we did this several months ago, and she actually peed in it once but after we got to Dubai she cried whenever I put her on it). So now we are sitting on it once a day. So slight progress.

Exercise we are definitely doing. Clare and I walk everywhere and go swimming and to the park usually daily. Win. (At least until it gets really hot. Then we are screwed)

Healthy meals are hit and miss. We order out a lot because it’s cheap and you can have anything delivered here. We’ve recently begun eating better (or trying to). Luckily Clare eats pretty healthy most of the time – she loves hummus, pistachios, milk, cheese, wheat bread. Unfortunately she doesn’t like too many fresh fruits and veggies no matter what I offer. She still loves the organic baby food pouches so luckily she gets some that way. So fail/win depending on the day.

Clare does know almost all of the alphabet! She can sing the song (with trouble at the middle part obvi) and recently when I bought her a cool alphabet puzzle she shocked me by knowing the names of all but two letters. She knows several numbers and can count to 3. Win!

Crafts are a big fat fail. I’ve never tried a Pinterest project although I pin things a lot. We color in coloring books but that’s not really too crafty.
So when I saw a great inexpensive craft kit I scooped it up. We had so much fun painting these sun catchers. The kit is Melissa and Doug brand, and incidentally so is her great puzzle. Thank you Melissa and Doug whoever you are! You make me feel accomplished and help me prove to the internet that my child does more than watch Netflix and play with the iPad (although I partially credit Super Why in her fascination with letters!).




Beach days!

The temperatures have just risen to the low 80s so it’s perfect beach weather. In a couple months it will be unbearably hot so we are soaking it up while we can! (Clare and I are anyway, Shawn is unbelievably busy with work as usual – he’s actually been gone to Doha every single week for 3-5 days, and it looks like that will continue for awhile).

But the beach! Clear water, soft sand, lots of seashells, skydivers overhead every few minutes, camels strolling, it is HEAVEN. The only downside has been a lot of jellyfish but today there were none! Hopefully they’ve found deeper waters.

Clare is a real beach babe these days. The second I get her out of the stroller she runs for the water and jumps into the waves. Once we get out deeper she grabs ahold of my hand and says “whoa big waves!”. We are enjoying every minute of it!


V Day

Great day today! Lazy morning, followed by Mexican food for lunch, beach, pool, and ending in a champagne evening. Love the weekends! Shawn is currently out of the country every single week for 3-5 days so we try to soak up togetherness when he is home. Too bad he has still worked about 4 hours today, critical emails and whatnot. (Think I’ve got the sweeter end of the deal here 😉







And a Happy Anniversary to my inlaws today, and Happy Anniversary to my parents last month. Miss you all!

New beach walk

The new beach walk in front of our apartment is finally open! There is also a new outdoor mall which is partially completed and not open yet. Lots of new restaurants and shops (including Victoria Secret!). Here are some pics of the new beach access: