Beach days!

The temperatures have just risen to the low 80s so it’s perfect beach weather. In a couple months it will be unbearably hot so we are soaking it up while we can! (Clare and I are anyway, Shawn is unbelievably busy with work as usual – he’s actually been gone to Doha every single week for 3-5 days, and it looks like that will continue for awhile).

But the beach! Clear water, soft sand, lots of seashells, skydivers overhead every few minutes, camels strolling, it is HEAVEN. The only downside has been a lot of jellyfish but today there were none! Hopefully they’ve found deeper waters.

Clare is a real beach babe these days. The second I get her out of the stroller she runs for the water and jumps into the waves. Once we get out deeper she grabs ahold of my hand and says “whoa big waves!”. We are enjoying every minute of it!


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