Getting warmer…..

Right now it’s actually rainy and in the 70s which is the way I like it! But the trend is definitely getting hot. UGH seriously so far the decision to move here has been amazing but as I get sweatier and sweatier my mind is wavering (mostly kidding, but good Lord I’m afraid).

Lots of new Clare news (and probably everyone knows all of this already because of Facebook/Pinterest)…she started dance classes last week (a pre ballet type class) and started nursery school. Nursery for now she will attend one morning a week, in the fall she will go 3 mornings a week. We are also trying out a music class tomorrow, if she likes it we are going to add that to the mix! (We both need some entertainment 🙂 )

The last few weeks we haven’t done anything too terribly exciting…Shawn is travelling to Doha every week for 3-5 days, weekends are spent at the beach/pool/parks. During the week Clare and I pretty much do the same, as well as watching Clare’s two favorite movies – Annie and Frozen (which she calls Anna – for the main character). We’ve also made a bunch of new friends from a Facebook group for moms living in JBR. We all have 2ish year old girls so it is nice for both of us. We now have friends from Denmark, London, Ireland and Canada! They will never replace our American friends and family though, don’t worry 😉
We are very much looking forward to two trips right now – a family vacay to Cyprus over Easter, and our trip home to the states in June/July (and into August for Clare and me). Can’t wait to see everyone, we love and miss you all!






2 thoughts on “Getting warmer…..

  1. Love all the pictures-Clare is getting so big! I hope she enjoys dance and nursey school. Can not wait for your visit back to the states!

  2. The pictures have been wonderful – you all look great! So excited about Clare’s new activities and hearing about her progress.

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