Cyprus days 5 and 6

Wednesday we dipped our feet in the Mediterranean Sea, visited the rocks of Aphrodite (where the legend is she walked out of the sea), and explored some archeological ruins.

This is a picture of Clare lounging above a 2 thousand year old relic

Clare riding a bike for the first time – she played with a local girl who I believe was speaking Greek. The two of them seemed to communicate pretty well!


Thursday we went on a long drive through the mountains, visiting a few wineries and taverns.


The view from the mountaintop monastery we visited – and yes they made their own wine so we sampled that as well!

Last night we ate dinner at a fabulous restaurant – Seven St. George’s Tavern – there is no menu, they just keep bringing you mezzes until you’re stuffed. All local, organic and primarily vegetarian dishes. Omg so amazing! And Clare was happy because there were several cats wandering around (luckily Clare’s rabies vaccine is up to date 😉 )

Today is our last full day on the island. We are planning on being lazy at the pool. We fly home tomorrow night and will be very sad to say goodbye to Cyprus!


Hey there’s a cat under me!

Cyprus days 3 and 4

Monday we spent exploring more of the island. We had lunch down by the Mediterranean Sea – the view from our table was gorgeous!

We happened upon a great children’s park with rides. Clare most enjoyed the “CHOO CHOO!”. She was very enthusiastic!






Tuesday I slept in (12 straight hours…hands down my favorite part of vacation so far!) while Shawn and Clare braved the pool. I woke up to find them both shivering! It was 70 out but had been in the 50s overnight.

Tuesday afternoon we visited Paphos Zoo. We saw many kinds of birds, giraffes, zebras, two large tortoises, lions, tigers, emus, and many others. Clare loved the zoo!



Last night we hung at home while Shawn made his famous cabbage soup. Yummy. I may have just had some for breakfast. The excitement for the evening was getting locked out and briefly thinking we would have to sleep outside. Luckily we walked to a local restaurant and the owner knew the number of our landlord. Whew. Clare had no shoes on and a wet diaper. Would’ve been a rough, cold night outside!

Great family news out of Quincy – we have a new cousin – Zoey Bozarth! Welcome to the world cutie – good luck growing up with our crazy family! Can’t wait to meet you this summer.

Also my Aunt Jane is home recovering from donating her kidney to her husband, my Uncle Pete. So far so good, fingers crossed for a swift and successful recovery for both of them. Aunt Jane you are an inspiration to all of us!

Cyprus days 1 and 2

Happy Easter from Cyprus! We arrived safely yesterday. The flight was great – Clare actually kept her seatbelt on for almost the whole time. It helped that Frozen was one of the options so she could watch her beloved Anna and Elsa. Unfortunately the airline lost our car seat but luckily the rental car company was able to lend us one.

Yesterday we spent grocery shopping and just recovering from travelling. Also Shawn spent it working – but he swears he is done now, we shall see!!!

Here are some pics of the house we have rented. This trip has solidified for me how much more I enjoy renting houses from rather than a hotel room. Sooo much cheaper, more room, more privacy and the ability to cook our own meals!






Last night Clare ended up coming into our bed halfway through the night – that hasn’t happened in over a year and I loved it!!! However she woke up at 5:30am and I definitely did not love that. Today we explored the small village by foot and then went sight seeing in the car. Shawn is starting to get used to driving on the left but it’s still so scary!










We miss you all!

Revolving door

For me making friends here in Dubai has been fairly easy – we live in an area that is mostly families with small children. Unfortunately they are all ex-pats like us and only here temporarily. My best friend here is already gone – she had to return to London for a family emergency and is unsure if she will be returning. We didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye! (Hi Alicia!) My next best friend is leaving in June. (Hi Manja!) These two were my only friends for awhile and we had a lot of fun together (as did our kids!).

Luckily I have also made some friends with ladies who are here for a lot longer – from London, Ireland, other parts of the UK and Canada. I’m the sole American – and it is especially obvious when we talk about school for our kids (KG1 and KG2 – I’m still confused). The British system is confusing to a Midwestern gal like myself. I thought Clare would start preschool at age 4, kindergarten at age 5. Well here I was practically publicly shamed when it was known that my 2 year old wasn’t in organized school. The horrors! Unfortunately Cerner won’t pay for schooling until Clare is ready for KG1 (which isn’t until Sept 2016). And please don’t get me started that they originally told us they would pay for school starting at age 3 and are now refusing. I said don’t get me started! (SNL, anyone?).

Sorry that rambled. School is a big deal here, it’s expensive, it’s confusing, and seemingly everyone else understands it. That’s the gist.

I’m loving the one morning a week nursery school. Clare loves it too – she chants “School, school, school” on our way there. So one way or another we will figure out how to keep sending her.

Ok time to go. This is what I’m looking at right now: