Revolving door

For me making friends here in Dubai has been fairly easy – we live in an area that is mostly families with small children. Unfortunately they are all ex-pats like us and only here temporarily. My best friend here is already gone – she had to return to London for a family emergency and is unsure if she will be returning. We didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye! (Hi Alicia!) My next best friend is leaving in June. (Hi Manja!) These two were my only friends for awhile and we had a lot of fun together (as did our kids!).

Luckily I have also made some friends with ladies who are here for a lot longer – from London, Ireland, other parts of the UK and Canada. I’m the sole American – and it is especially obvious when we talk about school for our kids (KG1 and KG2 – I’m still confused). The British system is confusing to a Midwestern gal like myself. I thought Clare would start preschool at age 4, kindergarten at age 5. Well here I was practically publicly shamed when it was known that my 2 year old wasn’t in organized school. The horrors! Unfortunately Cerner won’t pay for schooling until Clare is ready for KG1 (which isn’t until Sept 2016). And please don’t get me started that they originally told us they would pay for school starting at age 3 and are now refusing. I said don’t get me started! (SNL, anyone?).

Sorry that rambled. School is a big deal here, it’s expensive, it’s confusing, and seemingly everyone else understands it. That’s the gist.

I’m loving the one morning a week nursery school. Clare loves it too – she chants “School, school, school” on our way there. So one way or another we will figure out how to keep sending her.

Ok time to go. This is what I’m looking at right now:


3 thoughts on “Revolving door

  1. Glad Clare loves school-and whatever schooling she gets will be helpful, but even waiting until 4 will not harm her; kids lean so much on their own, with help….and you have a smart one!

  2. You didn’t start formal schooling until you were five. Come to think of it, that explains so much…… I wouldn’t worry about Clare. I think she is a genius.

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