Cyprus days 1 and 2

Happy Easter from Cyprus! We arrived safely yesterday. The flight was great – Clare actually kept her seatbelt on for almost the whole time. It helped that Frozen was one of the options so she could watch her beloved Anna and Elsa. Unfortunately the airline lost our car seat but luckily the rental car company was able to lend us one.

Yesterday we spent grocery shopping and just recovering from travelling. Also Shawn spent it working – but he swears he is done now, we shall see!!!

Here are some pics of the house we have rented. This trip has solidified for me how much more I enjoy renting houses from rather than a hotel room. Sooo much cheaper, more room, more privacy and the ability to cook our own meals!






Last night Clare ended up coming into our bed halfway through the night – that hasn’t happened in over a year and I loved it!!! However she woke up at 5:30am and I definitely did not love that. Today we explored the small village by foot and then went sight seeing in the car. Shawn is starting to get used to driving on the left but it’s still so scary!










We miss you all!

2 thoughts on “Cyprus days 1 and 2

  1. It looks so beautiful there! You certainly are seeing so much of the world. We love you and miss you too! All three of you.

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