Farmer’s Market

Today we checked out our first farmer’s market in Dubai. It was called Ripe, held at Zabeel Park. We invited our friends Mark and Chelsea along for the ride (hi guys!).

First off there was a great playground:





Clare especially loved the horse statue:



There was a petting zoo, Clare spent 1 minute with the baby chicks, ignored the rest of the animals, and spent the rest of her time with the kittens up for adoption. We had to finally carry her away kicking and screaming. When she finally stopped crying she kept calling “Here kitty, kitty, kitty!!!”





My favorite part was the fresh coconut water!


Clare got a new pink headband, 2 new bracelets, and her and I both got a new BPA free sports water bottle. I ate delicious fish tacos, Shawn had a sausage and ice cream, and Clare tried some pizza. We loaded up on some organic vegetables and fruit, and most importantly, got 2 pumpkins (all they had, and they were wayyyyyyy too expensive but Clare is so excited to carve pumpkins so we had to!). Here she is played the drums this evening on her expensive pumpkins:



The Farmer’s market is every Friday. We plan on going back in a few weeks once it cools down more, whew it was a hot one!

Here are a couple cute cab drivers:


2 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market

  1. Can’t wait to see what type of carving the expensive pumpkins get. I think I’d go back every week just for the coconut water…looked refreshing!

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