Halloween, etc.

Happy Halloween everyone!  While we didn’t try any trick or treating this year (nor did we have any come to our door), we had a fabulous Halloween!

Clare dressed as a princess ballerina.  Obvi.  She got to show her costume off at her school party last week and at a party at Cheeky Monkeys this week.  Oh and also around the house many days:

IMG_7329 IMG_1563 IMG_7382

Carving pumpkins was a blast!  Shawn made us roasted pumpkin seeds afterward and we all loved it, especially Clare.  We called it pumpcorn.

IMG_7268 IMG_7340 IMG_7343 IMG_7345 IMG_7346

In other HUGE news, Clare is potty trained!  BIG shout out to my sister-in-law Beth for her guidance, couldn’t have done it without you!  It was a messy week but she hasn’t had an accident in 6 days.  Go Clare!

I am very much yearning for autumn, especially the changing leaves.  Luckily it has gotten a little cooler here, low 90s in the day and 70s at night.  Humidity is way down also.  This makes me so very happy.

And on a final note, we welcomed a new baby into our house today.  I look forward to many great mornings together.


Goodbye instant coffee, it’s been a weak brewed year.

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