Christmas 2014 in Prague

Clare’s 4th Christmas: celebrated in the 4th different city, 3rd country, and 3rd continent for 12/25. She’s a jet-setter!

Prague is beautiful. Like much of Europe, it’s the “oldness” of everything that is so amazing. Growing up in America it’s hard to fathom just how long modern civilization has been around. In Prague this feeling is heightened because the city was widely left unscarred from the world wars, whereas many other major European cities sustained major damage. Walking down the street it was easy to be transported back in time! Add in the delicious mulled wine sold on every corner, snow flurries most days, and Christmas markets everywhere it made the holiday season just magical!

We missed our families and friends though. That’s always the caveat to the things we get to experience while living here.

Here are some pictures:

Widely seen on facebook already, but have to include this one. Plane travel with a 3 year old is turning out much harder than with a 2 year old


Clare dancing with a new friend. They didn’t speak the same language but that didn’t stop them from hugging and kissing! The universal language.


Inside St. Francis Church at the base of the St. Charle’s bridge


Clare posing with a statue

Clare looking at the locks at Love Locks wall at St. Charles Bridge. Lovers throw the keys into the Vltava River

Happy 2015!