Sick, sick, sick!

Poor Clare!  Over the course of the past 2 weeks she progressed from having cold symptoms, to an ear infection with pharyngitis and an upper respiratory infection, to another ear infection (in the other ear) with tonsillitis and possible whooping cough.  2 antibiotics later she is finally doing better!  Tuesday and Wednesday evenings she had coughing fits that lasted hours, almost resulting in an emergency room visit.  She is still on 2 inhalers, a reflux med (for the vomiting that accompanied the coughing fits), an antihistamine, and nighttime herbal cough syrups. Fingers crossed that tomorrow she is okay for school…….we both need a break from each other!   2 days before she got sick we ceremoniously dropped all of her pacis down the trash chute.   That combined with the sickness has halted (hopefully temporarily!) her napping in her crib.  She just occasionally passes out… image

3 thoughts on “Sick, sick, sick!

  1. nothing more exhausting than a sick child-and especially one that gets sicker instead of better…I hope Clare is on the mend, and you can get some rest!

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