Trip to Hatta, otherwise known as Part 1 of “We had to cancel our summer vacation to Scotland and Ireland thanks a lot babies”

Last weekend we drove to the city of Hatta.  It is in the same emirate as us, Dubai, but it felt like a different world.  Mountains!  Lots of wildlife (besides just camels)! (Slightly) Cooler temperatures!  We rented a car and made the 2 hour drive on Wednesday night. (We were supposed to leave mid afternoon but such is the life of working for Cerner)  Shawn and I had never driven in this country before so this alone was a huge adventure!  I haven’t gotten my license yet (I have to turn in a no objection letter from my husband saying it’s ok for me to drive, Ha!. Plan on doing this next week.  Wish me luck).  Anyway, so Shawn had the pleasure of doing all of the driving while I played navigator.  GPS is spotty at best here, and many streets are not labeled or even named, so my list of directions looked like this:

In 200 meters stay left.

In 123 meters take a left, stay right.

Helpful, no?

Oh well, we made it in one piece, and Clare even slept most of the way there.  That alone made me wish we had a car, I miss car seat naps.  Well I miss any sort of naps from her truthfully, so I will take any I can get.

We arrived at 9:30pm, checked in, ogled the mountains, fish pond, and our fabulous room, then headed to the deserted restaurant.  We had the place to ourselves!  And this was a swanky place.  Clare was energized from her nap and we were all starving so the meal was glorious.  We lingered for a couple hours, I sipped on my virgin pina coloda, Shawn imbibing in all sorts of fun things that I may or may not have sampled.

IMG_9132 IMG_9133 IMG_9137

Thursday morning we lingered in bed as long as possible. I got up with Clare at about 9, Shawn slept till 10:30.  We have to enjoy this while we still can…..  Breakfast was room service, followed by a day at the pool and the game room.  Dinner was again spent in the on-site restaurant (usually there are 3 options but because of the holy month of Ramadan only one remained open).

IMG_9140 IMG_9143 IMG_9144 IMG_9148After dinner we walked around a bit, then watched some tv.

Friday morning it was breakfast buffet, then braving the mid morning heat to play mini-golf and check out some animals. I lasted about 30 mins before Braxton-Hicks contractions told me I needed to be in the air-conditioning and drink a gallon of cold water.  We definitely need to come back to this place in the winter!  So Monopoly in the room took up the rest of the afternoon.  And I am proud to say I won!  I never win Monopoly!!  We then skyped with Mimi and Pop-Pop (Marg and John), wishing them a great trip to Europe this week. Have fun guys!!!!  We ordered room service for dinner and were generally lazy.  We finally watched the Game of Thrones finale.  OMG.  Not ok.

Saturday morning we ate breakfast then packed up and drove home 😦 IMG_9162 IMG_9167 10425051_10153002914431446_5754742323507790749_n

IMG_9154 IMG_9155 IMG_9157

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