28 weeks pregnant with twins

28 weeks today, woohoo!  I thought I’d do a little pregnancy update.

First of all this pregnancy remains MUCH EASIER than my last pregnancy hands down.  My morning sickness was less severe and shorter in duration, I am not as swollen, my heartburn isn’t quite as bad, and my back doesn’t hurt severely (yet).  The worst part about this pregnancy was catching a parasite a few weeks ago, but I am not sure I can blame the babies.  Although I may have caught it due to a lowered immune system from the pregnancy, so maybe I can throw it up to them when they are older and giving me grief?  Anyway, I was very sick for about 3 days, and had continued symptoms for about 10 days. I spent 4 hours in the emergency room getting some IV fluids, but other than that it was just waiting it out at home, complaining to Shawn live and in person, to my parents via Skype, and to my besties via text message.  Thanks for listening guys!!!!  Thankfully my bloodwork is now back to normal, and my stool (you’re welcome) is now testing negative.

How far along? 28 weeks exactly today!

How big are babies? 3 days ago at our growth ultrasound Baby A (the closest one to my cervix) was estimated to weigh 1250 grams, or just over 2.5 lbs.  Baby B was estimated at 1440 grams, or 3.2 lbs.  So I have 5.7 lbs of babies inside of me, just about exactly what Clare weighed when she was born. From here on out my growth is uncharted territory!

Total weight gain? Ugh, every pregnancy update I read on blogs includes this so I guess I will too.  Up 30.7 lbs.  It would be more except I lost 3 lbs over the 2 weeks I had the parasite.  So maybe there is a silver lining…..

Stretch marks? Oh yeah.  I don’t think any new ones, just the ones from puberty and from my first pregnancy that darkened the moment I got pregnant.  I hope they fade again like they did last time.  I am using Alba brand hawaiian coconut oil twice a day to try to prevent new ones.  It smells amazing and keeps me from itching so even if it doesn’t work I’m happy with the product.

Genders? We haven’t found out, even though I have begged Shawn several times.  For those of you who don’t know, when I got Shawn to agree to find out at Clare’s 20 week ultrasound he did so with a promise from me that if we ever had another baby we would be surprised.

My current guess is 2 girls.  I started out the pregnancy thinking 2 boys simply because of how much better I felt physically, but my guess has changed due to my amateur detective skills.  One thing is during my 20 week anatomy scan I didn’t see a penis while the Dr measured Baby A’s femurs.  Now it could have just been the angle, and I didn’t see the characteristic “3 lines” that means girl, so I could be totally wrong.  But that is my guess with Baby A.  The reason I think Baby B is a girl is a bit more iffy, as he/she has always had the parts hidden on ultrasounds, but at some growth ultrasound (maybe 24ish weeks?  He does a quick ultrasound every 2 weeks) the Dr said to me something along the lines of, “See this membrane here? No fluid between the membranes.”  I was thinking “ummmmmm, what?”.  Obviously I looked confused so he said, “That’s good, this membrane is a very good thing”.  Okey dokey.  I got home and googled everything I could involving “fluid”, “membrane” and “twins”.  The ONLY hits I got involving anything to do with a doctor caring about the membrane is in the case of identical twins.  Now we know for 99.9% certainty that we don’t have identical twins.  BUT the only way that I can think the Dr would have the slightest doubt would be if the twins are the same sex.  In the case of identical twins it is very important to know whether they have their own “sacs”, that is they are separated by a membrane.  If identical twins don’t have a separating membrane they are at risk for a serious condition called twin to twin transfusion syndrome.  Are you following my rambling thoughts? If you’re not it’s ok, Shawn can’t follow it either.  But basically my guess of 2 girls is because a.) I thought visually Baby A looked female and b.) I think they are the same sex due to this membrane talk.   So if they come out a boy and a girl color me shocked!  As a footnote to this rambling paragraph I should mention that my Dr trained in the US, but is Lebanese and occasionally there are cultural differences in the way we speak.  So it is entirely possible that I misunderstood what the heck he was talking about.  Here is a link to his bio, I really like him, and is it ok for me to say I think he is cute too? Dr Samer

Cravings? Since recovering from the parasite I am starving all of the time, but my main cravings have been chocolate, grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches, and tangerines (cuties).  I also can’t get enough popsicles.

Aversions? None that I can think of!

Anything you miss? I would LOVE to have some real sushi, especially salmon.  Cooked eel rolls just don’t cut it.  Also beer sounds good all of the time.  I’ve been known to have one about once a week here and there, which my Dr approved.  But what I wouldn’t give to open a second bottle!  Or maybe a bottle of champagne…

Worst moment of the week? Hmm, this past week was pretty great.  But I guess the worst moment was some slightly elevated blood pressures and some protein in my urine at my Dr appt on Wednesday.  Nothing serious, but with my history of pre-eclampsia it could be a sign of things to come.  My Dr is all over it though, he immediately ordered a 24 hour urine collection to check for protein and bloodwork to check liver and kidney function.  I should get those results back today or tomorrow. I also bought a blood pressure cuff and am checking it twice a day at home.  The highest it was is 130/90 at the office, at home so far it’s been nice and low.  Fingers crossed it stays that way!  With Clare my blood pressure shot up at 30 weeks.  Luckily now that we have reached the 28 week milestone Dr Samer told me that the babies would have a 96% survival rate if born today.  I will take that!  My personal goal is to get past 36 weeks and 2 days, as that is when my Momma arrives in Dubai!  Also I would love to make it past 35 weeks and 5 days which is when I delivered Clare.  So far my cervix is showing that it is made of steel, so I think as long as I can ward off the pre-eclampsia we will be good to go!  And for anyone curious we will definitely be having a C-section since I ended up with one last time, and we have two babies currently both breech (to even attempt a vaginal birth of twins Baby A has to be head down).

Best moment of the week? Several!  1. Made a new friend: Erin, who is the wife of one of Shawn’s coworkers.  She is due in October with her first baby and lives right across the street from us!  I see a lot of play dates in our future.  2. Bought a new iPhone 6 yesterday! I am so in love with it! I was still using a 4s and it was slowly dying: battery ran out quickly, it would shut down randomly for no reason, apps would freeze.  And anyone who breastfeeds knows how vital a good smartphone is to middle of the night feedings!  Not only for entertainment but to quickly keep track of feeding times, which side, etc.  It’s also so nice to have a good camera available for baby/child photos!

Best babies I haven’t mentioned on this blog for some reason? So many babies are being born to my best friends, I love that we are all experiencing this together 🙂  August was born to Rolvi in February, Davis was just born 3 weeks ago to Amy, and Emily is expecting #3 this winter.  My cousin Taelor just found out baby #2 is a girl and is going to name her Wesleigh which I just love (did I spell it right, Taelor?).

Bump pic? Sure!  Except my husband sucks at photography and it just looks like I ate too much brunch food (which yes I did yesterday, thanks for asking).


Have a great weekend everybody! Yesterday we brunched with our new friends while Clare stayed home with a sitter, today is going to be spent in different ways by us 3:

Clare: developed a cough and cold overnight, so is spending the day being taken care of by her Momma!  So far today that has meant sleeping most of the night with me, taking tylenol and robitussin, sitting in a steamy bathroom and playing on her iPad to her heart’s content.

Shawn: developed a hangover overnight from brunch libations, so is spending the day on the couch.  His Momma isn’t here and I certainly am not his Momma so he will be taking care of himself.  I did let him sleep in this morning though so I am not totally evil.

Suzie: preparing for our All Estrogen fantasy football league draft this evening!