Almost 3 weeks in and…

  • Bilirubin drama is behind us! No more heel sticks and traveling 45 mins across town every 3 days woohoo!
  • The nights are getting more interesting. The “sleepy newborn” phase is behind us officially.  The new norm seems to be they both sleep 2-3 hours the first stretch, then are awake and fussy on and off from 12-3am, the  again start sleeping 2-3 hour stretches. From 12-3 my mom and I have the most inane conversations, we are often laughing hysterically, or I am crying and cussing and threatening to check myself into the psych ward, depends on the night.
  • As of 2 days ago Joey’s weight is 5lbs 13 oz (from 5lbs 1oz at birth) and Tommys’s weight is 6lbs 7oz (from 5lbs 11oz at birth).  So at least the endless amount of feedings a day seem to be productive!
  • Tommy just yesterday started the smallest of smiles in reaction to our faces!  We thought it was a fluke but he’s done it a bunch of times today.  Google says this shouldn’t happen until 6-12 weeks so he is obviously gifted.  Poor Joey.

Clare always gives a doll to any sleeping baby she sees.

Tommy snoozing on Daddy

A scene of the chaos: babies asleep in rock n plays, Clare the hula girl, Shawn playing the ukelele.

Joey isn’t sure about his bouncy seat


5 thoughts on “Almost 3 weeks in and…

  1. Thanks so much for all those darling pictures-glad the boys are gaining weight so well! Now to work on sleep. I know having your mom with you through these first weeks is a godsend…and a HUGE help! Love to you all!

  2. Darling babies! And sounds like they are both doing really well. How is Clare coping with all the upheaval? I’m so glad your mum is there- must make a huge difference.

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