24 hours in House Foley

This is going to be long and boring, but I don’t ever want to forget what my life is like right now.  Feel free to skip!

I’ll start at bedtime on Sunday evening… (Shawn is not here, he is in Egypt.  I am going to try to do most things myself during the overnight hours in anticipation of Grandma leaving next week) (tears!)

8:30 pm – Clare is watching youtube videos on her iPad in bed, Grandma helps me bathe, pj and swaddle both babies.

9 pm – Grandma goes to sleep with Clare.  We agreed to a”special slumber party”, which got me out of the normal bedtime routine which is: 2-3 stories, 5 mins of snuggling, then me sitting in a chair in her room reading a book on my iPhone until she falls asleep. Because it is pitch black in her room (night lights “scare” her) I can’t tell when she’s asleep besides analyzing noise or lack thereof. This takes from 15-30 mins.  How I will do this myself when Shawn travels I am not sure, may have to have more slumber parties with Mommy.

9-9:30 – tandem nursing and snuggling babies.

9:30-9:40 – babies in their Rock n play bassinets, grunting and fidgeting but fall asleep quickly. #winning

10:00 – I fall asleep after reading a few chapters of my latest YA read – “Number the Stars”.

11:30 – Joey wakes crying.  I wake Tommy up and tandem nurse both.  I do this sitting up in bed with a boppy pillow – not enough room in our glider to nurse both at the same time.  If anyone wants to buy me a big recliner/glider I would be most grateful.  I have side rails up in our bed in case I fall asleep while nursing.  I learned this lesson the hard way when the boys were 2 weeks old – I fell asleep and sometime later Tommy rolled out of my arms onto the side table, which luckily was covered in diapers to break his fall.

11:50pm -babies back to sleep in their bassinets, I passed right back out.

1:45am – Tommy wakes crying.  I wake Joe, strip them and change their diapers, then nurse them.  I decide to leave their swaddles off because A. Maybe they will sleep longer this stretch if they can put their arms by their faces? and B. Too tired to reswaddle. I check fantasy and see I am being killed in both leagues.  Great job Nacho!

2:15 – babies both get pacis, they and I fall back to sleep.

4:20 – Tommy crying – Joe is sound asleep so I grab Tommy and bring him into bed and feed him lying on my side.  I doze….

5 – Joe crying, bring him into bed.  Try feeding him lying down on my side for about 10 minutes but he sucks at it.  Tommy starts grunting too so I turn on the light and sit up and feed them both.  Texting friends about football (GO CHIEFS!)

5:20 – babies wide awake much to my chagrin.  Joey is laughing out loud at a picture above my bed which makes me smile, so we all head to the living room.

5:30-6 – I get babies happy on their playmat, I pump sitting on the floor next to them. Only get 2 ounces.  Must drink more water!

6 – change diapers, put Tommy in a swing, wrap Joey on my chest in my Boba wrap as he is gassy and fussy, start typing this post:

Photo on 11-23-15 at 6.08 AM

6:30 – Clare and Grandma wake up. Next few hours is breakfast, bath for me, nursing again, everyone gets dressed, out the door at 8:30.

9:30 – 11:30 – play at Safa Park.  Grandma pushes Clare on the swings, we have a picnic, nursing babies etc….

12:30pm – get home, change and nurse babies, grab snacks (gummy worms and ruffles) and sit down to watch the new Cinderella.  Clare and I saw this in the theater but Grandma has never seen it!  Babies fussy, both eventually nap – Tom in his bassinet, Joe in Grandma’s lap on his belly.

3pm – 5:30 – eat dinner (we ordered chicken sandwiches and fries), nurse several times (growth spurts??), Clare colored, I hung up some of the pics from our newborn photoshoot, skyped with Grandpa, dishes, cleaned up…..

5:30-6:30 – played outside on the community trampolines. I decided to tandem wear the twin fussies:


7 – 8 – I take a long, hot bath with a beer and my book. Grandma not only watches all 3 kids, she does a load of laundry. Babies napping, Clare playing dolls.

8 – Clare to bed with iPad, grandma and I bathing babies.

8:20 – in bed nursing babies and praying for some sleep.  Goodnight everyone!!

5 thoughts on “24 hours in House Foley

  1. are you sure that wasn’t 48 hours? I am exhausted reading it. I will add you to my night prayers for more stamina, endless coffee, and the ability to always smile at this day. Love you all and miss you……and want my turn at snuggling babies

  2. Oh Suzie, sounds like it will be a long time before you get enough sleep. Your day and night sounds exhausting but I know you do it willingly. You have such a beautiful family and really enjoy seeing all the pictures. Sure wish you were closer so we could give you some relief. Hang in there, Hon.

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