8 weeks old

  I just can’t believe they’re 8 weeks today!! They celebrated by BOTH rolling from their tummy to their back!  Clare didn’t do this until close to 5 months old….clearly we have some athletes on our hands.

We had a gorgeous morning at the beach.  Temps in the low 80s, no humidity, ahhh.  This time of year is just paradise.  


We then ate lunch at Shake Shack, yummo.

After an hours rest we headed out to go to the top of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world!  The elevator to the 125th floor only takes 60 seconds, it’s insane!  

Joey snacking at the top

Afterwards we ate dinner outside at Cafe Blanc and watched the Dubai Mall Fountain show, my mom loved it!

We had a great Thanksgiving last week too.  We were joined by my two best friends here and their families.  I didn’t take a single picture of the boys first Thanksgiving, total fail. 

6 thoughts on “8 weeks old

  1. loved all the beach pics-what a great 8 week celebration. Way to roll boys! Suzie-love that you are posting so much-miss seeing you all!

  2. Time is flying by! I always love seeing your pics and how much you manage to squeeze in to your time there. I still think you are so brave for venturing out so much with three!

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