Recap of December 2015

Since January is quickly advancing on let me recap the haps around the Foley place in December:

-Grandma left Dec 2 BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

-Clare turned 4 and we celebrated at Atlantis


-We said goodbye to our GREAT friends Majella, Dave and Niamh.  Good luck in Oman!

-Enjoyed several picnics and lazy days as Shawn had 2 weeks vacation for the holidays

-Christmas 2015 🙂

-Boxing Day brunch with Brent and Erin

-Boys turned 12 weeks old

-New Years Eve – which included a bottle of champagne, early bedtime for me and the kiddos, and Shawn going out by himself in a tuxedo to the hotel next door.  =-)


5 thoughts on “Recap of December 2015

  1. Hope 2016 continues good to the Foleys; you amaze me with keeping up with 3 under 4 and Shawn too! Jut get home……miss you all and want to hug those boys before they wont let me!

  2. So great that you can squeeze in the time to post pictures so we can all keep up with your family. Love seeing how fast the kids are changing. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and look forward to many more posts.

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