The plague!

Results are in: Clare has an ear and sinus infection, Tom has an ear infection and a cold, Joe has a cold and possible early ear infection. 

They were all surprisingly well behaved at the clinic and then the pharmacy. Everyone is now on an antibiotic, nasal spray and cough syrup. 

Right now all 3 kids are asleep on the couch, ahhhh.

I took away the iPad and laid her down after this pic ūüôā

New school, etc.

January brought some changes to our household. ¬†Clare started at a new school (a fancy pants Montessori preschool program) which requires me to drive her to and from school every day. ¬†Her old school was in our building, i.e. convenient as hell. ¬†Unfortunately her teacher (in my opinion) was AWFUL. ¬†I mean so negative, she clearly hated her job. ¬†In the month that Clare was in her class I only received one positive report, “well she is smart”, retorted at me after listing several things Clare had done wrong that day. ¬†Almost every single day I picked Clare up (while 7 and then 8 months pregnant with twins) the teacher would tell me all of the wrong things Clare had done that day. ¬†In front of all of the other moms. ¬†She didn’t listen, she ran, she didn’t want to stop playing. ¬†She was 3 at the time! ¬†She wasn’t biting or hitting, wasn’t screaming, she’s a good kid! ¬†In early October it finally all came to a head, while I was in the hospital having the babies. ¬†Knowing that Clare was in the middle of a massive upheaval and her mother was away, Miss J put Clare in time out during recess because she ran, then the next day made her sit out of splash play because her dad forgot to pack a towel. ¬†COME ON, give a kid a break! ¬†Shawn and I agreed to pull her out of there, even though we lost all of our tuition for fall term. ¬†Clare then enjoyed 2 months at home with her new baby brothers, and lots of time with Grandma and Mommy.
Since that time I have spoken to 2 parents of children at that school who said “Oh yeah we requested not to be in her class, we were warned”. ¬†So it wasn’t just us.
SO anyway, I am rambling.
Our new routine is on Sundays and Tuesdays I drive Shawn to work and Clare to school at 7:30 am.  Those mornings my nanny Gowri is with me from 7:30-1 so she watches the babies while I am gone.  I come home, usually work on my class stuff, clean the house, take a bath or a walk in between feeding babies.  At 12:30 I pick up Clare then Gowri goes home.  Our afternoons are often spent outside as it is gorgeous here right now (60s-70s).  Around 5:30 we load up and pick Shawn up from work, sometimes he gets a ride home from Brent and Erin (thanks guys!!!).
Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the same, except the poor babies are loaded into the car for all the rides. ¬†Those days they take most of their naps in car seats which I feel badly about, but it is what it is, I can’t help that.
I was really dreading this schedule, but so far it’s going okay. ¬†My forearms are getting extremely strong from lifting the babies and car seats in and out of the car multiple times a day, I am shopping a lot more since Clare’s new school is in a mall (sorry Shawn!), and best of all we LOVE her new school and teacher. ¬†She’s been there a month so far and hasn’t had a bad day yet. ¬†Her teacher reports that Clare follows directions, cleans up after herself, encourages her classmates to participate and is “one of the nicest kids in the class”. ¬†Here are a few pictures from school, they have an app that publishes these for the parents:

The boys are doing great! ¬†Growing like crazy, Tom is really filling out – I’d guess he is 2 lbs heavier than Joe! ¬†Their 4 month check up is today so I’ll know then. ¬†They sleep rather well (knock on wood), or at least better than Clare did at this age. ¬†We usually have one or two bad nights a week, when one or both of them are fussy overnight. ¬†Otherwise they go to bed around 7:30/8:30 pm, then wake to eat around 1am and 4am, then wake for the day anywhere from 5:30-6:30. ¬†They can both hold onto rattles, enjoy tummy time, love playing “flying baby”, and overall are very easy going (thank you baby Jesus).
On January 14th all 3 kids were baptized. ¬†Clare’s Godparents are Courtney and Amy. ¬†Joe’s Godparents are Matt and Beth. ¬†Tom’s Godparents are Derrick and Ann. ¬†None of them could make it (slackers, it’s only a 14 hour flight?), luckily Shawn’s parents were in town to stand in as proxy Godparents. It was a beautiful service, the best part was when Clare yelled out, “Oh no my hair!” after she was christened. ¬†Also some of you may remember from our wedding when asked if he takes me for better or for worse, etc., Shawn confidently replied, “Absolutely”. ¬†He did the same thing at this service when asked about raising the children in the Church. ¬†Something about religious ceremony really gives him confidence.

Shawn’s parents left a couple weeks ago. ¬†It was so nice having more family meet the boys. ¬†That’s definitely the hardest part about living so far away, babies grow so quickly!

Now it’s early February and Shawn is gone for a week to Australia. ¬†Props to the single moms out there, hardest job ever! ¬†All 3 kids have stuffy noses and low grade fevers so I am taking all 3 to the dr today by myself. ¬†Send Xanax!!!!!