7 months!

The boys are seven months old! In the past few weeks they’ve started eating solid foods, have both started babbling mamamama and dadadada, and have both slept through the night (but only once on the same night – that was amazing!). They are both sooo close to being able to sit up by themselves.  They can scoot on their backs, roll both ways and are feeding themselves (we are doing baby led weaning, messy but fun!).

Clare is doing well. She is really enjoying school.  Unfortunately she’s been battling constant sinus and ear infections so we’ve been to the dr more times than I like.   She’s just finishing a 14 day course of antibiotics to hopefully kick this bug, fingers crossed it works!  She’s had fluid in her ears since January poor thing.

We are getting very excited about having a new niece/cousin!  Abby should be here next month some time.  We look forward to a time when we will live closer and be able to see her whenever we want.   Whenever those details are made known to me I will shout it from the rooftops!

It’s already over 100 most days here.  Everyone please enjoy spring back home!!