Joey’s first haircut

It was time…always in his eyes and so bushy. And his hair is sooo straight! Not a baby curl in sight.  Clare also got her hair trimmed then we played with the balloons and had snacks outside.  Beautiful morning in this gorgeous weather!

Before shot

Some milestones to be recorded (alternate post: there are no baby books)

Note: very very boring post unless you are me or possibly my children in the future. Hi grown up children! Will update this as the kids grow.


Baby Stats:

Born weighing 5lbs 12 oz 18.25 inches long

First steps Thursday Oct 11 – 3 days before turning 10 months
First real word ‘again’ 12/29/12

Places visited (country count 13):

1. U.S.A. {states visited: MO (2011) KS (2012) MD (2012) PA (2012) IL (2012) MN (2012) WA (2012) UT (2012) CA (2012) TX (2013) LA (2013) IA (2013) Delaware (2014) D.C. (2014)}
2. Dubai, UAE (2013)
3. Doha, Qatar (2014)
4. Paphos, Cyprus (2014)
Ras Al Kaimah, UAE (2014)
Abu Dhabi, UAE (2014)
Sharjah, UAE (2014)
5. London, UK (2014)
6.Prague, Czech Republic (20140
Al Ain, UAE (2015)
Fujairah, UAE (2015)
Hatta, UAE (2015)
7.Italy {Apennines & Corno Grande, Amalfi coast, Postitano, Nerano, Pompeii, Naples, Pisa, Volterra, Firenze/Florence, Sienna, Lake Lugano & Lake Como, Bellagio, & Rome}(2016)
8.Switzerland (2016)
9.Vatican City (2016)
10.Muscat, Oman (2016)
11. France (2017)
12. Denmark (2017)
13.Sweden (2017)

School Stats:

Nursery School : Age 2.5 at Jebel Ali Village Nursery in our building.  Teacher Miss Ashley.  Best friend Chloe


Pre-K: Age 4 at CreaKids at Ibn Battuta Mall.  Teacher Miss Faiza.  Best friends Charlie and Anokhi.

KG 1: Age 4.5 at Creakids.  Teacher again Miss Faiza.  Best friends Benji, Talia and Ira.

KG2: Age 5.5 at Clarion School. Teacher Miss Jacqueline. Best friends Olivia and Mariam

Grade 1:

Teacher: Ms Janel and Ms Miff

Best friends: Mimi and Rayana


Baby stats:

Joe – born weighing 5 lbs 1 oz, 18 inches long
first steps – 2 weeks before turning 1
Other than mama and dada first real word: This

Tom – born weighing 5lbs 11oz, 18.25 inches long
first steps – 1 year 5 days
Other than mama and dada first real word:  That


PreK at Creakids

Teacher: Ms Muby

Best friends: Kailey, Hannah and Izzah (all girls 🙂

Countries visited (country count 8):

1. Dubai, UAE (2015)
Abu Dhabi, UAE(2016)
Abu Dhabi, UAE (2016)
2. Italy {Apennines & Corno Grande, Amalfi coast, Postitano, Nerano, Pompeii, Naples, Pisa, Volterra, Firenze/Florence, Sienna, Lake Lugano & Lake Como, Bellagio, & Rome} (2016)
3. Switzerland (2016)
4. Vatican City (2016)
5. Muscat, Oman (2016)
Al Ain, UAE (2016)
Ras Al Kaimah, UAE (2016)
Sharjah, UAE (2016)
6. France (2017)
7. Denmark (2017)
8. Sweden (2017)

1 whole year

What a year it has been!  We SURVIVED WHOO HOO!!!   This year has been one of the most challenging and rewarding years of my life.  For the first time in my married life I wasn’t aching for a baby, or for another baby.  I think that our family is complete 🙂  This year I accomplished something I am more proud of than anything else, I breast fed twins with absolutely no need for any supplements.  Thanks to my husband and Clare for helping me achieve it!

The babies are on the move…Joe took 6 whole steps a few days ago, and Tom has just started taking 1-2 unassisted steps.  Before I know they’ll be running everywhere.

Last week all 3 kids and then I came down with strep throat.  There were many sleepless nights and crabby kids, but luckily we are all recovered now.  We are in Ras Al Khaimah this week as Shawn has a work conference so we tagged along.  It’s a beautiful resort and so nice to get away.

We can’t wait to see many of you this November!  I’m also looking forward to some cool temps!  Please oh please let it be a cold November, maybe even some snow????  For those of you we don’t get a chance to see, hopefully this summer the kids and I will spend a longer chunk of time stateside, fingers crossed.  It will depend on how they do with all of this travel and time change this time, and on all the other unknowns (Shawn’s work, finances, etc)

Love to all!  Here are the boys pics 🙂