We had SO much fun in the U.S. over Thanksgiving! We didn’t want to leave!! Besides the flights, the jet lag, and the constant sickness of at least 2 of us at any given time it was wonderful.

Our first weekend we stayed at Amy Hemphill’s house in Iowa, and Sarah Scharenborg’s family came up as well 🙂 I got to meet Davis H and Louise S – which were a long time coming! It was a great weekend – until it ended with 75% of the household getting the stomach bug (Thanks Rolvi!)

From there we travelled on to Kansas City.  The house we rented was great, big enough for us and several guests.  Unfortunately those guests one by one came down with the stomach bug and/or the “virus” that was causing cough and fever.  You’re welcome.

The kids and I were able to drive over to Quincy for a couple of days.  The weather was AMAZING and we enjoyed lots of outdoor time.  Of course the other highlight was catching up with family and introducing them to the boys, as well as meeting sweet baby Abby. I miss you more than anyone else Abby!!

Thanks again for hosting such a great get together Matt and Beth! SO glad you got to get to know your godson a little 🙂  I’m sorry I didn’t take more pictures that night…

Thanksgiving week was cold, but luckily there was a lot of family around, which mean the libations and political conversations were there to warm me right up!

Our last full day in KC was full of football, and……wait for it…..
a sick kid! The second pediatrician appointment of this short trip. Poor Tom.


The next day we drove to Springfield IL to spend the night, then drove on to OHare the next day.  The flight home was of course dreadful, as you can imagine.  Everyone did sleep for a few hours, but that was interrupted by severe turbulence.  The flight staff was instructed to take their seats and get strapped in 3 different times!


5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Loved reliving your visit-wish it could have been longer. Sorry a bug seemed to enjoy your visit as well! Happy Holidays to you all SOOOOOOO far away!

  2. It was wonderful to have you here! Somebody at work asked me if you were coming back for Christmas……you should try and visit once a month. Bahaha

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