Tom’s first haircut

Tom got his haircut for the first time last week. ¬†He didn’t really need it yet, but his brother desperately needed another cut so I figured let’s get ‘er done.

IMG_5101.JPGHe was very apprehensive

IMG_5102.JPGI had just taken Joe’s man bun out so his hair stuck straight up


After shots


Christmas break 2016

I just got our Christmas tree and decorations put away today, whew. That is one of my most hated of all tasks. We had a wonderful break! Shawn had 1 week off of work and Clare had 2 weeks off of school. We had debated traveling somewhere but to save money and our sanity (flying with twin 1 year olds is super fun) we decided to stay home. The weather is so gorgeous this time of year it really makes more sense to do our traveling in the summer anyhow.

I will always remember this holiday season as the LEGOLAND time of our lives ūüôā Clare has always been obsessed with Legoland due to some youtube videos she watches, so she was sooooooo pumped that a new one was opening in Dubai. ¬†It is part of a cluster of 4 new amusement parks that happens to be only a 15 minute drive from our place. ¬†We meandered over there just a few days after they opened, and we were so impressed with the outside of the parks that we decided to buy annual passes for all 4 parks. ¬†Luckily the boys are free until they turn 3. ¬†Over Shawn’s break from work we visited 3 times! ¬†Our favorite is Legoland obvi, but Motiongate is really cool too (described as Universal Studios of Dubai). ¬†Bollywood isn’t my cup of tea but it is very popular as there is a large population of Indian people here. ¬† Legoland Waterpark isn’t open yet but oh man we cannot wait to go there!! ¬†It should open any day.

Joe was so in love with this Lego girl

Santa blessed with kids with some presents, but not too many thank goodness. ¬†Our apartment seems to be getting smaller and smaller as these kids grow! ¬†Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we stayed home and ate good food, watched movies and played endless rounds of Candy Land. ¬†On Boxing Day we brunched with Erin and Brent. ¬†New Years Eve we stayed home because that’s just how wild we are. ¬†Shawn was the only one who even stayed awake until midnight to watch the fireworks from Atlantis.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season!  We miss you and love you!