Summer 2017

So far our summer has been fantastic!  We so wish we could have figured out a way to come to the states this summer, but since we made it back in Thanksgiving, and the travel/cost etc. for us to get there is just so insane we made the difficult decision to not come home.  Luckily Shawn’s parents were able to meet us in France for vacation, my parents are here in Dubai right now visiting, and Uncle Courtney and Lilli are coming here for a New Years visit.  Our couch is always available for anyone who wants to come over here!

France was a wonderful vacation.  We were there for 15 days and only 2 of those days did I not ingest any wine 🙂    It was great to spend time with Nini and Pop-Pop.  The kids enjoyed the parks and fresh air, we all enjoyed the wonderful food, and it was amazing to have Shawn off of work for that long.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our vacation:

3 thoughts on “Summer 2017

  1. Love seeing all your pictures=and all those wonderful travels you are doing. Your children are growing up all too fast! Miss you guys! Now post some pictures of your mom and dad!!!!!!

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