A lovely trip to Denmark and Sweden followed by a Un-lovely September

Long time no write blog!!  

Our vacation was amazing, and as my husband detailed every last minute on Facebook and Instagram I’m sure you all already know that 😌. Copenhagen was seriously such a cool city.  Very laid back, bikes everywhere, beer everywhere, fresh air….ahhh I want to go back!!!!

September started out just fine.  A last week of summer break – we swam, we went to soft plays, it was great.  Then the day before Clare started big kid school the kids and I all woke up with colds.  The next day Clare went off to school happily, while I dealt with two boys with 104 degree fevers.  104.9 at one point!  No one was happy.

Their pediatrician diagnosed them with scarlet fever – aka Strep Group A with bright red rashes and high fever.  Oh and also both babies had sever ear infections and perforated ear drums on both sides. For the next 5 days we dealt with multiple night wake ups, two separate vomiting in car seat occurrences, different antibiotics to stop the vomiting, and two pediatrician appointments.  

The next week Clare suddenly had a high fever.  Back to the dr for trip number 3 in two weeks and she was also diagnosed with strep and one ear infection. She missed 3 days of school in the second week.  Also this week I get sicker, slice my thumb chopping carrots, my oven breaks, and a leak springs from my kitchen ceiling air conditioner unit. 

A few days ago I finally went to the dr, he put me on antibiotics for my throat as well as for my thumb which he said definitely should have gotten stitches. Sorry doc I was busy. 

You’re welcome for this picture.  This is 24 hours after the original injury when I finally took my pressure dressing off and saw it was still actively bleeding. 

BUT…knock on wood…the last 2-3 days things have turned around.  Visit number 4 for the month to the pediatrician for a follow up revealed Joe completely cured, Tom has fluid in one ear requiring a month of Zyrtec, and Clare mostly cured – 3 more days of antibiotics then a follow up with her ENT for one dysfunctional ear tube.

ALSO yesterday my husband sent me off for a spa day and I was away from my children for 5 hours.  That’s probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me LOL. 

This morning Clare started swimming lessons again.  I took the boys along to play at the hotel where they’re held at.  On our walk home we stopped at McDonald’s for a late breakfast, playland and some ice cream cones.  Praise Baby Jesus the temperatures are finally starting to drop here. 

I hope you all have a great weekend!!