0, 1, 2

Happy, happy birthday sweet baby boys! I can’t believe you are 2 years old today.  I have spent some time this morning looking at pictures from when you wereborn, and I cannot stop the tears from falling. It is the biggest privilege of my life to be you and your sister’s Mom.  Before you were born there was always something missing from our family.  We were so very blessed to have Clare, but our hearts were still wanting more.  I was so sure I wouldn’t get the opportunity to have a son, much less two.  The day you were born our family was completed, and my heart just about burst with the love inside of me.  

What a blessed life I am leading….I need to remember this when it’s 4:15 and both toddlers are crying and I want to pull my hair out 😂

3 thoughts on “0, 1, 2

  1. Happy #2 Birthday to some sweet boys-have fun and enjoy every minute of this special day. Miss you all. Birthday hugs to you. Love Aunt Paulette

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