Quincy Girls do OCMD 2018

I just got back (24 hours ago) from the most amazing week ever! 8 best friends from QND class of 1999 met up in Ocean City, Maryland leaving behind jobs, husbands and kids to relive our youth and let loose. I was so afraid I’d be homesick, have horrible jet lag, receive texts from home about things going wrong, etc., but NONE of those things happened! We didn’t even have any severe hangovers (thank you Amy and your hangover pills). We did however receive one tattoo (Emily), one piercing (me – my nose) and got booted out of a bar (Lindsay). Being 37 clearly has not slowed us down!!! And while I did miss my husband and kids, something about being with these fantastic human beings whom I have known for decades had a way of making me forget I even had a family 🀣

I left Dubai at 2:20am, which worked out as I was able to sleep for part of the 14.5 hour journey. I got to the airport at 10:30 and walked around for a couple hours, finally settling down for an omelette and the biography I’m reading of John Adams at Giraffe Cafe. A wonderful solo meal that I savored! I slept for the first 6 hours of the flight, then woke up and watched Chappaquiddick and I, Tonya, both of which were great movies. Close to landing I changed clothes, washed my face and other areas 😬πŸ€ͺ, applied some makeup and exited the plane just about as pumped up as I’ve ever been in my life!!!

I met up with Emily at the rental car facility, and attacking her as she exited the shuttle bus was exhilarating! We jumped in the car and drove to Reagan to pick up Amy and Rolvi. Once all 4 of us were in the car our excitement was palpable! I’m not sure there is anything we didn’t discuss… we stopped for some lunch and drinks and then got some drinks for the road for the rest of the trip.

We arrived at our rental condo and reunited with Carp, Lindsay and Amanda!!! Everyone was there except Rebecca, who had travelled to OC with her hubby. We started playing board games and of course drinking more (our livers were the real heroes this weekend). Carp and I (with the help of Lindsay) finally brought down the Humble Dynasty that has reigned supreme as long as anyone can remember (ding dong the witches are dead!!!!!) We went out to dinner on the boardwalk and finally met up with Rebecca, then collapsed into bed.

Day 2 we hit the beach and the boardwalk. The weather was GORGEOUS, especially for this desert girl. Sunny and 70-80s, 60s at night and random thunderstorms. After drinking (we are Guido’s burritos), sunning and playing euchre, I very randomly got my nose pierced. I literally have never for even a millisecond considered that as an option for my body, but hey – when the mood strikes and you’re 7 beers in sometimes the fates collide and magic is made. This was one of those days. I am very happy with my piercing and it didn’t hurt at all (thank you Corona). We ended with dinner at De Lazy Lizard then talking and more drinking at home.

Day 3 we split up – Rolvi, Amy and I spent about 8 hours playing slots and drinking beer (starting to note a pattern – a wonderful, amazing life altering pattern), while Lindsay, Emily, Amanda and Carp went for some yoga on the beach. This was a day when I definitely wanted to be in 2 places at once, as the beach yoga looked great! However playing slots that day may be in my top 10 favorite days ever so I did make the right decision. We ate at a sushi place for dinner, Emily got a Mom tattoo on her wrist (mind over matter!!!), and we ended the evening at a karaoke bar. This is where the infamous “Lindsay got thrown out of a bar” incident went down, which I actually wasn’t there for but from the story I heard she didn’t do much wrong at all, the bouncer sounded like a steroid junkie on a power trip. Emily, Amy and I had a mini Dr Phil counseling session while that was going on, and from what I can remember we had a great time! (Choose to be happy ladies – words of wisdom passed down through the years, originally authored by our own Rolvi).

Our last full day there we split up again. Amanda, Linds, Emily, Carp and I travelled to Assateague Island for stand up paddle boarding (SUP!!!) and some wild horse sightings (still don’t thing they’re that cool), while Amy and Rolvi hit up the boardwalk. We had some amazing shellfish and seafood at Hooper’s and settled on our lanai for an evening of games. None of us wanted the next day to come so we stayed up way too late 😒

On our last morning 4 of us had to get up super early in order to make it to DC on time, but all the girls were nice enough to wake up and see us off. Our trip back consisted of a lot of financial talk – college and retirement accounts. Suddenly we were thinking and acting like 37 year olds again. Emily flew off first. I got checked into my airport hotel and went exploring with Rolvi while Amy took a nap. We had a great lunch and I stocked up on some more US products (coming home w lots of medicines ☺️). I saw Amy and Rolvi off and then was all alone 😒😒😒😒. I did a workout at the hotel gym, then had one of the best nights ever in a king size bed by myself watching the new season of Orange is the New Black. The next morning I flew home. I had a great flight home, completely finishing the whole season within 24 hours of starting it.

Coming home was so great! I was pleasantly surprised (and mildly offended) that they all did so well without me, and in fact the kids didn’t even seem overwhelmingly happy to see me. Well well well I guess I’ll just have to jet out by myself more often!

Special thanks go out to Shawn for encouraging me to go on this trip – I was completely sure it wouldn’t be doable but he pretty much made me book the trip and I’ll be forever grateful! More thanks go out to Emily and Amanda for the bags and bags and bags of clothes for the twins, and for helping me pack the clothes and buy another suitcase to bring the clothes home in. Joe and Tom won’t need any more clothes for the next 2 years at least. Thanks a million!

And thank you to all of my Quincy Girls. You are the 7 best friends I have on this earth and I’m thankful for each and every one of you. Until we meet again ladies!!!!

3 thoughts on “Quincy Girls do OCMD 2018

  1. After spending a weekend in Galena with my QC friends-I really know what time with long-time friends can be! Great pictures-what fun for you all….and memories to bring a smile to your face. From his pictures-Shawn did an amazing job and now has many memories with his kids to cherish too. Suzie-thanks for sharing-such a great trip for you and your friends

  2. So glad you got to come home and see your girls! Time with friends can rejuvenate the soul. Looks like you all had a blast.

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