Tom pulled out my nose ring approximately 2 weeks after getting back to Dubai. It was fun being a cool mom for a hot minute!! The hole closed up immediately and there’s no scar….whew didn’t want to ruin this beautiful face!!!

The boys have completed 2 full weeks of PreK!! They go from 8am-12:30pm Sunday-Thursday. The first week there were some Tom tears, but the second week they both found their groove and don’t want to come home with Mom in the afternoon!

Clare loves first grade, and has already been on 2 play dates. Her teacher is lovely, and we continue to love Clarion! Next year the boys will attend KG1 there (if we are still in Dubai next year….I should really devote a whole post to the eternal struggle of where in the world to raise our family that Shawn and I are going through right now)

Clare and Joe start their swim lessons today (Tom continues to dislike the water so we aren’t forcing him). We had a great brunch with our good friends Cassie and Matt and their adorable twins Edith and Arthur yesterday.

We were so sad to say goodbye to our dear friends Erin, Brent and their little girl MG last month. Brent works at Cerner, Erin and I became instantly close when we were pregnant together. We spent almost every day together since and and sent hundreds of texts daily since then, so them being gone has been a huge adjustment. They moved to Sweden, which I am super jealous about. Fresh air, liberal attitudes, cooler temps ahhhhh.

A couple months prior to this our good friends Mike and Kristie moved to Berlin. 😢. That’s one of the hardest things about being an expat – you make these intense friendships (because lack of family around truly turns your friends into family) and then ultimately one of you move away. But I’m trying to look on the bright side….from our time here so far we now have good friends in Germany, Sweden, London, Oman, the Netherlands, Canada…and I’m sure more places that I’m missing.

Have a great weekend all!

From our boat ride home from brunch yesterday 😂