School Days

I am so relieved to say that all 3 kids are having an EXCELLENT school year!  We had such a fun summer, but they all got super attached to Mommy and were all hesitant to be away from me.  I also was heartbroken at the thought 🙂

Clare is in first grade at Clarion school.  They have a “Progressive American” curriculum. I am not an education person like my spouse so I can’t give you the exact definition, but it means lots of field trips, a low student to teacher ratio, hands on learning, “igniting curiosity”, and alternative ways of learning.  No sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day.  They do robotics, have swimming weekly, all kinds of fancy schmancy stuff.  The thing that I care about is “Is my kid happy?”.  Clare is sooo happy.  She totally loves her school, and thinks it was named after her LOL.  Her teachers this year are Ms Janel and Ms Miff.  Clare’s best friends are Hashem and Rayana.  P.E. and Art are her two favorite subjects.  Twice a week she takes an after school activity (CCI) – Mondays she takes an extra Art class and Thursdays she takes a storybook/art class.

Joe and Tom have been having a BLAST at Prek!  They are attending the same nursery Clare went to – Creakids.  It is a Montessori program, so very child-led, nurturing, low teacher to student ratio.  The first week of school there were a few tears, and from then on they’ve never looked back!  They are learning their numbers and letters, and most importantly making friends besides themselves! Joe’s BFF is Kallie, Tom’s is Hanna.  Their main teacher is Ms Muby, there are 2 other teachers in the classroom whose names I don’t know because I just am horrible with names.