School days…

I am SO pleased with the kid’s educational experiences so far. What a blessing to have access to great education, it’s something we take for granted in the USA, but the fact is many people don’t get a quality or in fact any schooling. School is quite expensive here, we are so grateful that Cerner pays for most of the tuition fees starting with KG1!


Clare is THRIVING this year in first grade! She’s got THE BEST teacher ever, Ms Janel. She is the epitome of a “Progressive Teacher”. Clarion is a Progressive school, until we found it I had no idea what that meant. Basically it means learning by doing, by experiencing the world around you. It’s rooted in the present experience here and now, not it in the ways of the past. There is a strong emphasis on critical thinking and includes much group work. There are many field trips (sometimes twice a week!). Clare is reading and writing at grade level, and her math skills are above grade level. She is currently taking football (soccer), choir and drawing as extracurriculars at school, as well as swimming lessons on the weekend.

Here are som pics of a pizza making trip, Sports day, a trip to Old Dubai among the gold souks and on an abra, Clare with her new sunglasses and doing her “home connections” (can’t call it homework because of the negative connotation 😂), and her new favorite book.

Joe and Tom: They are SO happy at their Montessori nursery! They have recently been accepted to Clarion for KG1 next year so all my kids will be at the same school 😀. This means Clare will no longer have to ride the bus! (She loves it but I prefer driving her myself!). The boys will only be 3 when starting the school year (equivalent of 4 year old preschool in the US) because here the birthday cut off was changed a couple of years ago to Dec 31. They will also be separated into different classrooms, we shall see how that goes 😬.

Here are some pics of their recent adventures in nursery: